Anonymous said: It's telling methe username doesn't exist. Yes then my skin irritates easily in the sun and burns as well so the more I can avoid it the better. ~Ai

Sorry wrong one! Its JDean21

Anonymous said: I live like a snake, I only go out at night and try my best to stay out of the daytime heat. It's truly horrible this summer but luckily I'm going to the SD beach on Tuesday for a day (: yes I know! I'm just shy lol. Do you have kik?

Lol that’s how I did it in AZ. Sure do, it’s jaydean211

Holy fuckin hot.

Holy fuckin hot.

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Anonymous said: Close but not close enough! San Diego doesnt get that hot, its much more bearable with the ocean breeze. I live in Imperial Valley ~Ai

Ouch, my condolences haha. IV is a rough place, how are you holding up being there? You know you can come off anon too, I’m not going to yell at you or scare you lol.

Anonymous said: Very handsome. Lol I'm also in California but much more down south than you ~Ai

Aww thanks! Then you’re from San Diego Chula Vista area I’m assuming!

Anonymous said: Yes! The humidity makes it unbearable was nearly 120° today! I'm doing the same, also.. nice arms(: ~Ai

Where in the hell do you live that it was 120 today? My guess is Phoenix lol. Oh and thanks for liking my arms haha.

Anonymous said: I'm good as well, just hot lol ~Ai

Tell me about it lol, So Cal is like a fuckin oven right now, I’m in bed sweating my balls off!

Feels good to be back :]

Feels good to be back :]

Anonymous said: Tambien bien. Nomas un poco de calor! ~Ai

Haha you got a little too advanced for me there! My spanish isn’t fantastic, so you’ll have to translate for me :]

Anonymous said: Yes I know! Y como estas? (: ~Ai

Muy bien, y tu, mija? :]

Born: Los Scandalous, CA est. 1991
Exodus: Phoenix, AZ circa. 2009
Escaped: City of Angels 2013

I'm James Dean, a 22 year old, California grown man making his way through life and having a blast doing it. I workout, I go out, I sleep, I cook, I lust over women I can't have. I'm a pretty happy guy when I'm at the gym or training MMA or cooking for my friends. I enjoy every second of life, and nothing I ever do is a waste of time. I am happy :]

God might be love, but I do that thing with my tongue that you like.

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